What is Necessary to Know About Cleaning and Maintaining When Having a Carpet?

Oct 23, 2021 Carpet Cleaning Care

Spill accidents and stain removal are an inevitable part of having a carpet at the home or office. I know, it is quite frustrating, especially if the spillage involves items of your clothing. But hey, the carpet is more important, right.

In a typical scenario out of a Murphy’s Law script, an accident involving spilling decent amounts of (preferably hot) and sticky liquid on a lightly coloured carpet (preferably cream/champaign colour) occurs at the most inconvenient of times.

Synthetic Carpet Fibres Are Easier To Clean Than Natural Fibres

Experts recommend that you always:

  • be prepared for such occasions (sounds a bit silly, I know, but preparedness for the unexpected is a fine form of think out of the box state of mind, which is highly advisable to have);
  • have carpet cleaning solutions on hand (the ones that normally work);
  • use suitable washing tools and spray bottles;
  • be careful with DIY home-made experimental techniques for getting rid of dirt and dust;
  • read the notices and warnings on the labels of any shop-bought products;
  • use professional carpet cleaning services when possible (a professional will do the job a lot better than any DIY enthusiast).

Avoid treating your expensive investment in expensive (and very dear and precious to you) soft furnishings without being well informed of the basic principles of professional carpet cleaning. Watching Youtube videos is cool, however not everything seen online will work in your particular circumstances. Be wary of (almost) magical-disappearance-of-stains claims by strange individuals pertaining to be experienced carpet cleaners online.

Trust your instincts. Sometimes a DIY experiment can lead to undesirable effects and consequences. Be careful when working with unknown substances. A simple mistake can cost you a lot.

Be safe and happy cleaning!